Jacques Cartier Bridge | Baby falcon updates | PJCCI
Jacques Cartier Bridge | Baby falcon updates
August 3, 2022 Jacques Cartier Bridge Sustainable development
Jacques Cartier Bridge | Baby falcon updates

On June 30, the Falcon Environmental teamed up with JCCBI’s Environment and Sustainable Development team, the Bird of Prey Clinic at the Centre hospitalier universitaire vétérinaire (CHUV), and the Union québécoise de réhabilitation des oiseaux de proie (UQROP) to release two baby falcons around the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

Female P03 was found on the ground on June 25 and sent to the UQROP, where her health was assessed. The team there easily identified her thanks to her band. Since she was healthy, they thought the best thing would be to reunite her with her parents. The second baby falcon, also a female, was found in another sector in Varennes before being sent to the UQROP. Since the two youngsters are the same age, the hope was that this second bird would be adopted into the brood at the Jacques Cartier Bridge. Prior to releasing her, Falcon Environmental banded the bird (P04) for later identification.

We were very pleased to hear that the release/adoption operation was a success. Once released, the falcons confidently flew away and were seen with adult falcons in the following days. JCCBI thanks Falcon Environmental, the CHUV Bird of Prey Clinic at Université de Montréal, and UQROP for helping these young falcons (re)connect with family!

Unfortunately, we also learned that a baby falcon from the Jacques Cartier Bridge died recently and was found at the edge of Highway 132. In Quebec, collisions with vehicles are a common cause of death for both young and adult birds of prey.

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