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JCCBI and NHSL win the ACRGTQ road engineering award in sustainable development
January 25, 2023 Champlain deconstruction Sustainable development

On January 18, JCCBI and NHSL received the road engineering award in sustainable development from the Association des constructeurs de routes et grands travaux du Québec (ACRGTQ).

This recognition honours excellence in innovative practices by entrepreneurs to protect the environment and preserve natural resources as a way to uphold sustainable development. The award also aims to educate everyone working in civil and road engineering about the importance of integrating sustainable development into their activities.

For this project, JCCBI implemented innovative measures to meet and exceed the highest sustainability standards with the goal of recovering over 90% of the 287,000 tonnes of materials generated by the project.

Thanks to the ongoing work of the entire team, the project to deconstruct the original Champlain Bridge has become a go-to model for an innovative, prosperous, and environmentally and socially responsible economy.

Congratulations on this amazing recognition! 

Here is the article from the ACRGTQ which presents the awarding of the Road Engineering Prize in sustainable development to NHSL and JCCBI.

From left to right: Jean-François Hudon, Director from Activia Environnement, Anik Girard, Executive Director from Constructo, Simon Hébert, Assistant Project Manager from NHSL, Audrey Atwood, Sustainability and Stakeholder Specialist from JCCBI, Timothee Ostiguy, Environmental Director from NHSL and Gisèle Bourque, Executive Director from the ACRGTQ.
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