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Material reuse

The deconstruction of a 3.4-km bridge will generate a massive volume of materials. The Champlain Bridge contains 250,000 tonnes of concrete, 25,000 tonnes of steel and 12,000 tonnes of asphalt that can be reused.

Confirmed projects have been announced. JCCBI contacted all with the people, companies and organizations that have submitted a Submission Form.

JCCBI is therefore launching an ambitious program, to maximize the reuse of steel from the Champlain Bridge for different projects: art, recreational tourism, cultural, and infrastructure.

As priority of this program will be the reuse and possible recycling of materials at local sites. JCCBI will use a traceability system to carefully track the materials throughout the disposal process.

Material Reuse Competition

The Champlain Bridge deconstruction project represents a new source of materials that can enter into the circular economy to stimulate the city’s urban economy from an artistic, architectural, commemorative, community and structural standpoint.

JCCBI launched its pan-Canadian competition to reuse materials from the original Champlain Bridge.

This competition is part of a 4RE approach, in which materials are reduced, reused, recycled or recovered as a priority and only then eliminated. JCCBI therefore wants to give a second life to over 400 steel components from this structure.

The selection process for the proposed projects submitted to the Material Reuse Competition is now complete. As planned, the submissions were analyzed by a committee of experts from the fields of the circular economy, architecture, visual art, urban planning, and industrial design as well as by representatives from JCCBI.

The selected projects will be announced in 2023 and JCCBI will communicate with all the people, companies and organizations that have submitted a Submission Form.

Parts offered to the public as souvenirs

The Champlain Bridge had a big social and economic impact on the Greater Montreal landscape. JCCBI would therefore like to offer the public souvenirs to commemorate its significance. Details to come in 2023. 

In the meantime, please send us any questions or comments via our Contact Us.

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