Research and development

The deconstruction of the Champlain Bridge gives JCCBI a unique opportunity to implement and applied Research and Development program.

The lessons learned from this research will let us: 

  • develop innovative techniques;
  • improve the longevity of the infrastructure under our responsibility.

12 research and development projects

The 12 research and development projects will significantly advance our knowledge about infrastructure performance and sustainability. 

This research program is carried out with different Canadian research entities.

Since the start of the deconstruction of the Champlain Bridge, different components such as concrete panels, bearings and girders have been given to research entities participating in the research and development component. 

Other parts of the original Champlain Bridge will be removed depending on the progress of the work and the overall project schedule.

Details of the other research and development projects will be revealed in our next newsletters. To learn more about these projects, we invite you to subscribe to the Champlain Deconstruction newsletter.

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